Our Approach

Simply put – “I turn your memories into art.” Through my original photos, I can also help you inspire, encourage and heal – yourself or someone you care about.

Our Story

Loosely translated, Dilis Croi (pronounced diliz cree) is Irish for faithful heart and has turned out to be a dream I never knew I was chasing.

           This dream began with a simple photo I took of the Winter Solstice.  To that photo, I added a poem promoting peace and hope that I shared with my family and some of my closest friends – the responses I received back were overwhelming; and one of my friends suggested that I could sell these types of photos.  From there, I started looking back at some of the pictures I had taken, and came to realize that I had taken some pretty amazing photos.  Not only were they beautiful in and of themselves, they were inspiring as well. 

This, in turn, led to people asking me to take one of their photos and capture what that photo means to them in a poem. And this is how I can take your memories and turn them into art.

Meet the Team

Donna Tregear

Creative Director – Sole Proprietor – Only Employee

Next Steps…

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